DownEast Magazine Asks Emma: Why is Maine a Fashion Muse?

In News on November 2, 2012 at 4:39 PM

DownEast Magazine features Emma’s thoughts on Maine-inspired fashion in their November 2012 issue. In “Maine as Fashion Muse” on pages 22-24, the Magazine of Maine seeks Emma’s expertise on why national clothing lines look to Maine, which also happens to be her home state, for inspiration. Read an excerpt, below.

“Maine represents authenticity and craftsmanship,” offers Emma Grady, a New York-based fashion writer and editor specializing in classic and timeless fashion and the founder of the style Web site, PastFashionFuture.com.

“I find that brands, especially the major ones, need to create a story behind the inspiration for each collection because it’s marketable and it relates well to the consumer. Maine, because of its beautiful coastline, is a good source for that.”

Continue reading “Maine as Fashion Muse” on DownEast.com or pick up the print copy, on newsstands now.

Copyright © 2012 Emma Grady. All rights reserved.

  1. Thank you, Emma, for sharing your perspective on Maine-inspired fashion!

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