Meet the Group of Women Working to Make the Influencer Industry More Sustainable, Glamour, May 2018
The 20 Eco-bloggers You Should Be Following, ThredUp, April 2018
Celebrate National Thrift Store Day With 14 Seasoned Thrifters, BF+DA, August 2017
Collaboration Over CompetitionRank & File, Issue 4, March 2017
Why Every Single Person You Know Is Wearing Chokers Right Now – Broadly., September 2016
The City Life: Living and Working in NYC – Vermont Quarterly, Summer 2015
Emma’s Eco-Fashion Predictions for 2014 – Ecouterre.com, January 2014
Tastemaker Spotlight: Emma Grady – Orange Harp, June 2014


Give Vintage Pieces a Fresh New Life – Bella NYC, September 2013
Deck Hands: Emma Grady [PDF]Foam Magazine, October 2013
Emma’s Eco-Fashion Predictions for 2013 – Ecouterre.com, January 2013
We Heart New York – Hearts.com, April 2013
INSTAGLAMMIN’ on the Red Carpet with Emma Grady – Modavanti.com, June 2013
Vintage shopping: Learn from the master – MNN.com, April 2013
EILEEN FISHER Would Like Its Clothes Back Now, Thanks Very Much – Ecouterre.com, April 2013

Featured Stylist: Meet Emma Grady – Boutine.com, September 2012
Eco-Tastemaker Emma Grady – Shopfuturestandard.com, May 2012
Handbag Designer Awards – Highsnobette.com, June 2012
Tastemaker Picks by Emma Grady – LovingEco.com, February 2012
Emma’s Eco-Fashion Predictions for 2012 – Ecouterre.com, Jan 2012
GUNAS Celebrity Pics – Gunas.com, October 2012
Maine as Fashion Muse – Down East Magazine, November 2012
Raven + Lily Fairtrade Holiday Shopping Guide – Ravenandlily.com, November 2012

camino 25_omslagMCJune2011-facebook

Emma is the Face of Snoozer Loser’s A/W 2011 Scarves – Issuu.com, November 2011
Sustainable Scarves for Winter and Beyond – MNN.com, November 2011
10 Ways to Wear a Fall Scarf, With Tips by Eco-Stylist Emma Grady – Ecouterre.com, November 2011
Trendbook: About a Blog [PDF]Marie Claire Magazine (South Africa), June 2011
Modemedveten Tradkramare Emma Grady [PDF 1, 2] – Camino Magazine (Sweden), Nov/Dec 2011
Style Correspondent Interview with Emma Grady – Ladymelbourne.com.au, August 2011
How Do You Naya – Nayashoes.com, June 2011
Market Publique Lookbook Gives Vintage Fashion a Modern Spin – TreeHugger.com, May 2011
Emma Grady’s Closet – i-ella.com, February 2011
How I Wear Eco Fashion: Fashion Correspondent Emma Grady – Eco-chick.com, February 2011
Emma’s Eco-Fashion Predictions for 2011 – Ecouterre.com, January 2011

What does Beauty Mean to You – MindBodyGreen.com, November 2010
Emma’s Eco Fashion Picks that Transcend Seasons – eBay.com, August 2010
Bright Young Things Blogger Style Off – WWD.com, July 2010

Judge, The Independent Handbag Designer Awards
New York, NY, July 2011-2016

Host, Sustainable Summer Fest – Ethical Writers Coalition
Brooklyn, NY, July 2014

Moderator, “Producing Green Products” – Handbag Designer 101 Workshop
Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, NY, October 2011

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